Unit 2 : Blob Tracking

Hello All,

I am a little bit confused with the colors.txt file in figure1: The tutorial states that the Colors is the average range of RGB value for a specific color whereas Thresholds represents the value of RGB ranges in figure2. But let’s look at the Thresholds for RedBall : ( 30:81, 86:111, 178:253 ) which is the so-called YUV range in figure3, is this a confliction? Furthermore, I am not sure how to determine the Colors value is ( 254, 4, 4) for the RedBall in figure3. Appreciate anyone who could help me!





Absolutely right.

So YUV in reallity is a diferent way of defining colour, like RGB or HSV. See more here: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/YUV

This software created that for you , so you dont have tothink about all that. In this firts unit its not even the objective to teach you how to select the colour. With the software you just create thatvalues nd put it in the text file , thats all.

In the next chapter you will have to work with HSV and RGB. This is just an introduction to blob tracking.