Unable to save learned policy (turtlebot3 openai_ros)

Hi everyone!

I am training a Turtlebot3 with openai_ros package with the concepts I got from the course “Using OpenAI with ROS” and when it comes to save the learned policy the file is not created (and I followed the course instructions).

The thing is, I used the openai_ros turtlebot3 example (version2) as a base for my project and, when reaching the end of the training, this process just stucks and I think it does not finish the way it should (image ). I think this could be the problem, but I am not sure.
Also, I have tried two ways of creating(and saving) the file: with ‘open’ (python) and also ‘save’ (numpy). But it doesn’t work.

Finishing the process (with ^C) didn’t work neither.

Any ideas of what could be happening or how could I solve it?

Thank you in advance


PD: I am using kinetic


First of all, the version used in the course is the branch kinetic-devel, not the version2. Version2 hasten been tested thoroughly in new systems.