Unable to communicate with master in Robot Real Lab

Although I am able to move the robot with joypad but I am facing issues related to connecting with ROS master in terminal. Please see the attached picture.


It is very strange that you were able to move the robot with the joystick but not see the topics. The joystick works by publishing to cmd_vel, so something is not correct. Make sure that you are indeed connected and that you source ROS Noetic before checking the topics:


Thank you for your response.

I am still facing the same issue despite sourcing setup.bash file of noetic. Please refer to the attached picture (I can drive robot through joypad and all status of Laser Scan, Odometry and TF matrix are green but still i am unable to some how connect with master through terminal). My two tries for this week have been spent. I have been facing this issue previously as well but thought it was temporary and didn’t post on forum. I would be greatful if you could please help out. Thank you.

That is very strange. The fact that you are able to move it through the joystick means that the ROS controllers must be up, and therefore you should be able to see the topics provided.

Please make sure you don’t have a firewall or add blocker activated.

I will work on replicating your specific issue and find the solution, and you can have more reservations then.

I am sorry for the inconvenience,

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