Unable to access ROS Navigation Real Robot Project

I just finished the ROS navigation in 5 days course and went ahead to add the course project in my ROSDS area. The link to add the project in my area doesn’t seem to be valid anymore as I am given an error whenever I click on the link from the description provided at the end of units.
Kindly guide me on this issue.
Attached are the screenshots of error I’m facing.
Thank you.

Right before finishing section II, I click the “clicking here” button, according to the instructions to make an automatic copy of the project. However I get the error “Rosject not found, please make sure you are using the right share link”. What shoudl I do?

@hamza.muz4 @epistimi4

I apologize for this problem. We’re working on fixing this right now!

Please try again now. It should work.