Turtlebot3 camera calibration and line detection

Hello, I’ve done calibration my turtlebot3 as mentioned in E-manual (in TB3 official website)
I used ‘traffic_light’ as ${Autorace_Mission} part

I can see the middle line similar to the picture of 8.3.11 in the webpage.
And then, I did below command in terminal.

export AUTO_DT_CALIB=action
roslaunch turtlebot3_autorace_traffic_light_detect turtlebot3_autorace_detect_lane.launch
roslaunch turtlebot3_autorace_traffic_light_control turtlebot3_autorace_control_lane.launch

roslaunch turtlebot3_bringup turtlebot3_robot.launch

Turtlebot3 moved in straight for a while. but It move turn around in random direction.

I quit ‘control_lane’ checked ‘rqt’ for monitoring the center after all calibration again with ‘teleop_key node’
I noticed the middle line had gone when I move a little.
I used Kinetic Kame, Ubuntu 16.04 for turtlebot3 with Rpi camera(G) fisheyes.
Q. What should I do for line detection driving?
Q. What is the appropriate parameter or calibration for Turtlebot3 camera ?

Thank you for your reading