Turtle iRobot not moving

After launching the keyboard launch file to move the iRobot (roslaunch turtle_tf_3d turtle_keyboard_move.launch), I am unable to move it around or it does respond to commands sent via prompts/web-shell. I think there’s an issue with the course? I have not received any errors and have run all the updates needed before proceeding with the course.
Can anyone help me figure it out?

Hi @mamojiz97 ,

I am not sure if you have to use w-a-s-d keys or i-j-k-l keys on your keyboard. But one of them should work. Once you start the teleop program, read the instructions that you get on the screen.

If the robot does not really move then you might have not started some required program.

Let me know if this helped you.


In addition to what @girishkumar.kannan said above, also ensure that the web shell has the focus when you press the keys by clicking on the web shell before you start pressing the keys.