Turtle bot simulation very slow

I am working on project in ROS in 5 day course. My roject turtle bot simulation has recently changed, the new one is very slow and real time factor is never close to 1 or between 0.91 - 0.99, Is there anything you can do improve this? Since its slow i believe my programs is running behind and not running my program correctly.



A real factor of around 0.9 is quite good. Of course, is not perfect but your algorithms should be able to cope with that. Especially because turtle bots normally have raspberry pis which arent very fast.

But maybey there something else I’m missing, could maybe send a vidoe comparison of what you would expect and what you are having?

These are some of the errors i am seeing while launching the realrobotlab simulator

Here is a video recording of my program running. (couldnt upload here)

  • real time factor is very low
  • My program is moving the turtle bot, suggested by the logs (second webshell) i have added, but the bot is not moving
  • some error/warning messages in the turtle bot simulation

real time factor is never close to 1 and never between 0.91 - 0.99, the real time factor really varies at different times of the day. Its really frustrating when simulation is not consistent and I have to keep changing my program.


I see that you are having a 0.20 time factor in the simulation. Obviously like that its impossible to do something that works as expected.

I’ve launched the simulation and at least by itself, the real-time factor is around 0.99-1.0, but after a while, it droped to 0.8 and back to 0.93. I executed the traffic signals recognition which is somewhat intensive but the real-time factor didnt drop much.

This makes me think that it’s the program that you launch afterward that has a big impact on the system.
But also that in the system the loads are not correctly isolated.

Could you share with me here the rosject or the code that you are executing to have a look at this? Telling me how to reproduce the issue? Becuase as far as I see, this shouldnt be happening, so we need to know exactly whats going on there.

Thanks for looking into this. This is how I execute my program

  1. Open/Run the rosject named ROS Basics Real Robot Project in my projects.
  2. Open gazebo
  3. I run the simulation first using the cmd roslaunch realrobotlab main.launch in webshell 1
  4. I start my program in wall_following package with the cmd roslaunch wall_following wall_following_launch_file.launch in webshell 2


Great! And could you share with me the ROSject? That way I can test it myself and see maybe where is the issue. To share just go to your ROSjects section and click on the share icon and copy paste the link generated.

Screenshot from 2021-03-31 09-41-57

The share button is not generating a link to copy.


I retrieved your ROSject and tested it iththe two launchesthat you told to reproduce the issue, and sadly I have a 0.94 and doesnt seem to be slwo in any way. There is the normal lag of the 3D simulation when you move the camera around but thats it.

VIDEO LINK of test

Could you share here some video or something reproducing that Issue?
I’m really concerned with this issue becuase we want the experience to be the best for all the users.