Time limit problem

Hello again! Have one more question for today. It’s related to time limit - 8 hours. Could you pls provide some info on how you calculate it? The problem is that I logged into the system at around 8.30 am Moscow time and at 4.05 pm Moscow time my access was blocked… So, from start to end around 7.35 hours of pure time passed, however I also made several pauses and logged out of the system during this time. Could you please explain why my access is blocked? Can I track my used time somewhere in my account? Thank you in advance for help!

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Hi @ann_zakutniaia ,

Unfortunately we our webpage is not showing, at present, the time you have left.
I just registered in our backlog to improve it.

About reseting the time, our servers tracks based on UTC, so UTC 00h you will have 8h more available.

Keep in mind that if you leave your computer with the rosject screen opened, it will consume time until it closes your session due to inactivity. You can just close the tab so less time will be consumed until it’s closed.

Thanks for sharing, we are always improving our platform and will take into account your needs and suggestion about time tracking!

Let me know if I can help with something else.


Hello! Thank you very much for this comprehensive explanation, it’s really helpful!

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