The simulator fails to load

While working on unit three of the URDF course, the simulator fails to load.

There is a black screen where the simulator should be. A couple of times, there was an orange screen that suggested reloading the simulator. but, that no longer shows up.

Interestingly, the ‘take screenshot’ feature of the bug reporter does not work either so I could not take a picture.


Hi David,

Could you please let us know the specific unit you were working on? Also, could you please manually take a screenshot and upload it here?

This is a screen shot from unit three of the URDF course.

I’ve tried restarting the simulation and logging out and back in. It always shows this same screen.


Oh, I apologize for the confusion!

The “simulation” for the unit has actually loaded, only that this time it’s a gzclient screen rather than the regular gzweb. If you look more closely, you should see some text (date et al) towards the bottom of the screen.

Just follow the notebook and you’ll get to the point where you’ll manually launch the simulation for the unit, and the screen will change then.

Ok thanks,
I’ll give it a try later this week. I switched to the C clourse which I want to finish before I get too distracted.

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