The simulator fails to load in Ros2 Basics for C++

The simulator has stopped working in the ROS2 C++ Basics course.

I get a message on a pink background about a connection error “The remote desktop server encountered an error…”

Then the simulator screen goes black. None of the simulator topics show up using ‘Ros2 topic list’.

Up until an hour ago, there was a yellow two-wheeled robot in front of a ball.

I have tried restarting the simulator and logging out and back in. Neither fixes the problem

1st edit: A couple of hours later andd it is working correctly.

2nd: It stopped working for a while now working again.

I’m sorry for this bad experience. It looks like something is breaking that remote desktop connection intermittently.

Did you try using the “Reconnect” button when this happened? That usually fixes it immediately.

Please let us know if it’s still happening.

Yes, I tried the ‘Reconnect’ button on the pink error message. A little indicator would spin for between 15 and 45 seconds. Then the pink error would show up or it would go straight to the back screen until I either:

Pushed the ‘Restart simulator’ button
or logged out and back in.

It stopped working for a couple of hours. It worked intermittently for about an hour. Then it started working again.

If it helps understand the issue, the system was particularly slow yesterday mid-day (in the US). It was taking 45 seconds to compile a small package that took less than 15 seconds earlier in the day.

I was doing some experimenting with how fast I could set the velocity on my robot and still slow down enough not to hit anything before it turned. So I did a bunch of ‘restart the simulator’ rather than just ‘reset the robot’ because a collision meant bumping the obstacle out of place. That might have registered as an unusually heavy system load.

I have a 300Mbps symmetrical fiber internet connection so connectivity should not be a problem at my end. I am willing to check in to logs on my end if it would help.

That could have been a problem with the particular VM you were connected to yesterday. We’ll investigate that further.

Is it still happening?

Everything seems fine this morning.

The simulator pane loads correctly,
The interface loads faster and the compiler is back to normal speed.

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