The IntelliSense of VSCode refused to work for tf_transformations

The IntelliSense of VSCode refused to work for tf_transformations, which is inconvenient to monitor the capable transformations.

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Hi @bluebird,

indeed, the IDE does not complete everything at the moment.

The reason why this happens is that we have the IDE with all basics (ROS Desktop Full) installed, but some specific packages are not installed in it.

Each course has different dependencies, and we could not install all dependencies of all courses in the IDE, which is why sometimes the autocompletion does not work.

Sorry for this lack of completion for some classes, but this is really something difficult to achieve for all courses.

In any case, whenever you find something that could be improved in the platform, please feel free to share it with us. We are really thankful for the suggestions aiming to make the platform better.

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