Technologies used in ROSDS Web Interface

I would like to build something at a smaller scale than your ROSDS. I like the little square widgets and also the connectivity to gazebo, the vscode like editor, jupyter notebook integration, and the console.

What is the web technology stack that brings these all together???

Hi @juan.suero.robotics,

Unfortunately I would not know the answer since the platform is a custom stack developed on-demand for TheConstruct.

If you are interested in developing web interfaces for robotics, you can check one of our web courses :


sometimes things are run with roslaunch like spawning robot in gazebo and i cannot trace what file you did that from. are you running those hidden commands for the classes on another machine? can i see those files i would like to learn from

Those files are not as hidden as you think. Yes, they are not in your primary workspace, catkin_ws or webpage_ws, but they have been built into the ROS installation of the VM assigned to you.

For example, if you see roslaunch doesnt_matter main.launch, you can inspect the files used by doing:

# This takes you to the package doesnt_matter, which contains the logic used
roscd doesnt_matter