Task2_linux_exam says: big_square: command not found


I composed the big_square.py, medium_square.py, small_square.py unde linux_exam folder. I think I did everything the instructor said. however, i have taken the error below

user:~/catkin_ws/src/linux_exam$ ./task2.sh
Please enter one of the following;
user:~/catkin_ws/src/linux_exam$ big_square
bash: big_square: command not found

Hi @fkaraal,

you have to pass the argument when calling the script.

./task2.sh big_square

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi ralves,
Thank you for your answer. That worked. but I have two more questions. When I changed the code in .py file and then when I wrote ./task2.sh medium_square. I couldn’t see the change. What should I do to update?

Secondly, Should the movement for small, medium and large in task2 be exactly same in the picture OR is it acceptable to do it closely?

Hi @fkaraal,

the movement should be similar to the one shown in the picture, but it does not have to be exactly the same. The tests are automated.

Related to the changes in the python file not being reflected, are you sure you saved the file by pressing CTRL+S?

Also, are you sure the problem is in the python file instead of in the .sh file?

I would recommend you run the python command independently to see if it works as expected, only then call it through the .sh file.

If it works well when called independently, and fails when called with the .sh script, then at least you know where the error is.