Sympy package missing

I need to do a pip install of sympy in order to run the sample code.
Preinstalling the package or adding this to the documentation would be helpful.


Hello @tuf01133 ,

Could you please indicate in which unit/section did you find this issue? Many thanks for your feedback.

This is in Basic Arm Kinematics in the Forward Kinematics section. We need to use sympy to get the transformation matrices symbolically.

Thank you!

I also faced the same problem although in Jupyter Notebook its working fine, I gave these two commands in shell

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get install -y python-sympy
    and its working in course shell too.
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Hello @misbahsuhail123 ,

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll update the notebooks!

Thank you alberto for ur reply.

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