Symbol lookup error

i followed all the intructions in the video ( Exploring ROS2 using wheeled Robot - #4 - Obstacle Avoidance) but then an error come out and kill my process. The line : symbol lookup error: /op t/ros/foxy/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN10gazebo_ros9ThrottlerC1Ed. can i know how to fix this problem?

Hi @kahmenglee1998 ,

If you are working in your local computer, it seems like you don’t have gazebo installed. It’s quite hard to help installing and configuring in different environments, that’s why we work on ROSDS.

If you are working on a rosject, could you share it with me so I can help you debugging?


actually i am working in ROSDS. I forked your rosject in public rosject and follow all the steps in the youtube which doing the same rosject. Here is the link of my rosject :

Below are the steps i took

  1. source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash

  2. source ros2_ws/install/setup.bash

  3. colcon build --packages-select my_package

  4. ros2 launch my_package

After i carry out the steps above, the gzserver error appear.

  1. symbol lookup error: /op t/ros/foxy/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN10gazebo_ros9ThrottlerC1Ed
  2. cmd 'gzserver /home/user/ros2_ws/install/dolly_gazebo/share/dolly_gazebo/worlds/