(Supposed) Gazebo connection error

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to simulate the iriwam training example on the Ubuntu Focal and ROS Noetic environment on my Macbook Pro (Late 2013). Although I can launch ‘start_qlearning_v2.launch’ file, the robot does not start to learn everytime. I notice that the messages shown below appear repeatedly on my terminal after

[DEBUG] [1615498346.269253]: connecting to barikata-MBP2013L 36009
[DEBUG] [1615498346.301389]: connecting to barikata-MBP2013L 36009

‘barikata-MBP2013L’ is the name of my laptop, so don’t care about it. I guess that the Gazebo node itself or the action server node defined in the Gazebo environment is not properly connected to other nodes and the robot does not start to learn due to the bad connections. Do you have any idea how to fix this issue?

Thank you,

Have to had a look insid ethe OpenAI for Noetic course? You might finde there why this is happening:

OpenAI Noetic