Subscription failure

My license for the month has expired, and it has not auto-renewed. It says the following: “Subscription failed: you already have an active subscription to the product ‘Learner Monthly’. Only one active subscription is permitted. Your subscription is still active but your license has expired because autorenewal failed. Please contact us to resolve this issue.”

can you help me!!

Hey Abrar,

Thank you for subscribing, and thank you for contacting us about this. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Quick one: you may now take a new subscription as the current one has been cancelled due to renewal failure.

That message was from the system that protects our clients from duplicate subscription charges by ensuring they don’t have more than one active subscription per time.

It looks like the card you had on file had expired, so the renewal attempts failed. And because the issue was not resolved after retrying, the subscription was canceled automatically a few hours after you posted this message.

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