Stored states(mongdb) in Rviz , play them and then access them via Python

Hi, do ya’ll have tutorial covering using stored states in Rviz and then access them via python script? I can’t find anything anywhere that really helps with using thiis? I downloaded Mongodb on WSL2 and can start rviz with db=true, but it wont even connect to the database in Rviz w I click connect. I get “Unable to connect to the database at ‘localhost:33829’. If you just created the database, it could take a while for initial setup.”

Hi Daryl,

We don’t have a tutorial for this as far as I know. Let me forward this to our Head of Education to see if it’s something we can create a tutorial for.

Also, we might have someone in the Community who knows how to do that.


I’m affraid is not something we have used in RVIZ.
For what do you need that exact functionality?

Normally people use ROSBAGS to do that if what you need is to reproduce saved states of ROS topics

Hi, for creating predone movements that would be actuated based on whatever really. Say a sensor detectes an object at 1 of 3 locations . The arm would move to that location of where the object was placed and depending on where the object was placed would run the appropriate process to pick it up and move elsewhere. OR if using a color sensor. IT would move te object to where I would ave created a process to move an object of one color to one place and an object of another color to someplace else. A company called Hiwonder has their own software that lets you create ACtion Groups and then you can download these to thier controller card for their xAm1s arm and use ARduino code to access a specific action group of robotic moves. They also have this same process for their upgraded xArm1S FPV arm that has ROS on an RPI. You can create and save Action groups of robotic moves and save them and then run it from python code in a ros program. Wanted to know if I could do the same in ROS as I have a Lynxmotion robot arm as well. I’m not familiar with ROSBAGs .

All these Moveit/RViz tutorials just seem to show using it for 1 arm motion, not for creating several different arm motions that may be needed and used based on what sensor detects

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