Hello Staff,

just doing the ROS2 URDF Course and spawn_robot_tools_pkg is missing.

There is one here spawn_robot_tools_pkg.
Probably it is missing in all new courses ?

The readme does not mention how to install it. How to do that ?


It is installed, in the system, but your ros2_ws might not be compiled to find it.

To be sure it can find it, you have to remove the build and install, source the correct path to the packages installed in the system and then compile.

I’ll update the notebooks to explain that. It seems there has been a change in the system that doesn’t do that by default it seems.


cd ~/ros2_ws
rm -rf build install log
source /home/simulations/ros2_sims_ws/install/setup.bash
colcon build
source install/setup.bash

Now you should be able to execute the command:

ros2 run spawn_robot_tools_pkg inertia_wizzard

I’ll update the notebook to clear this, thanks for reporting the issue

@duckfrost2 that did work, thanks

Looks like an interesting tool which is missing on ros2

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