Some inquiries for service notebook instructions (Chapter 5)


  1. I am checking the notebook instructions of Chapter 5 about service, but can not find these 2 nodes in Example 5.1:
    Does anybody know where they are? Like to check the content inside.

  2. In Example 5.4, " The trajectories that are available are the following ones: “init_pos” , “get_food” and “release_food”. How could the user know what are the options they could type in the terminal?

  3. In Example 5.5, inside trajectory_by_name_srv folder, there is no srv file called “TrajByNameRequest”. Where is it?


  1. For “” in “trajectory_by_name” package, where are “TrajByNameResponse.srv” & “ExecTrajRequest.srv” files?

Hello @Kane168 ,

You can find all of those files here: Bitbucket


Hi Alberto

Thanks for the information. However it looks there is no “”
& “” files. I know there is main.cpp, but as mentioned in the course “This course focuses on Python”, the .py source code would be expected.

Hello @Kane168 ,

Yes, those scripts are made in C++ but don’t worry, they’re only used for the demo to move the robot. You’ll be doing the exercises and everything in Python.