SLAM with only a raspberry pi camera

Hi, i am trying to implement my own robot, my money is limited so i can only afford a raspberry pi camera as sensor (to do SLAM) at the moment. Does anyone knows any implementation of a SLAM sistem based only in a monocular camera? Does anyone sugest something else?
thank you in advance


I got a small example more or less working, but needs a lot of improvement still, but its somewhere to start form:

If you create a better version, please consider sharing a ROSject,gt or whatever becuas this is something that its note well documented and there are no real examples of this working ;). I’m sure a lot of users will thankyou for it ;).

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Hi @duckfrost, thanks for sharing your master project you’ve done a huge work here. i having a look and it’s a lot of information, i am reading and acquiring the technique!