Simulation user interface changed

Hello! I noticed that simulation interface changed dramatically. About one hour ago there was usual interface: screen with model and world, left panel with menu and right panel with joints position, velocity. Now I can see only screen with model and world, but all useful menus disappeared. That means that I cannot perform my experiments in this new simulation, because now it’s not possible to track position of a robot, insert new models (for instance, I need demo_cube for my experiments) in simulation interface.
Could you pls help? Can I get to the previous version of simulation? Maybe you have some tutorial on where I can find all these functions now. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have the same issue and I also need to create worlds in Gazebo. Does your Gazebo go back to the normal version now? Mine is still the one only showing model and world.

hihi! Unfortunately it’s still showing only model and world…

Team, thank you for fixing this problem! Much appreciated!

Hi @ann_zakutniaia ,

Thanks for sharing.

@ransun , are you still having this issue?
It may vary depending on ROS distro you have running there

Hi! Thanks for asking. The Gazebo interface has already gone back to the normal version.

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