Simulation downloading

Hi! I want to try to run the simulation on my computer and would like to find out if it is possible to download a file with the robot used in the simulation (urdf/plugins for robot). I can’t find such a function, please help me. Thanks in advance!

I think u can run the simulation on ur computer given that u have ros and rviz / gazebo installed
the files can be downloaded to ur computer from files->download or maybe it was right click that file then download i think , just check it up once , once downloaded u can run it on ur computer

I have already done this, but the downloaded archive does not contain launch files for launching the robot in gazebo. That’s the reason I came here for an answer!)

This archive contains files originally present there, as well as pkgs created by me, but unfortunately I did not find the presence of at least a file with a robot model there. Maybe I’m not looking well? (I partially use a translator, so I’m sorry if something is unclear)

@Dmitriy @ayush.agarwal.ece20
Please have a look at this post for hints on getting our simulations on your local PC.

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