Services quiz naming seems incorrect

Forgive me if I am incorrect but its seems like some of the file names in the services quiz never got changed to contain square. It looks like the text was copied from the 6.3 example and some of the names were not updated. Could you please correct this before we proceed through it. If I am incorrect please let me know. Please let me know if the autocorrection algorithm is looking for these names or the ones that contain the word square.

Here is an example copied from it:

  • Create a new launch file, called start_bb8_move_custom_service_server.launch, that launches the new file.

Can you please specify what unit/section you found the typo in? A screenshot would be helpful. The “autocorrection algorithm” depends entirely on what you name your files, so the name doens’t matter as long as you compile correctly.

As I stated in my previous post it is in the services quiz at the bottom of unit 6. This is in the Ros Basics in 5 days python noetic course. It looks like Example 6.3 was copied to create the quiz and not every name with custom in it was replaced with square. Please let me know if we need to use the names given or the corrected names with square in them in place of custom.

Use all of the names that are specified in the instructions. You are supposed to upgrade your code from Exercise 6.3 and use it in the quiz. If you use all of the names specified in the quiz, everything will work fine.