Services_quiz grading never finishing?

Hello !

We are correcting your Quiz. Bear in mind that this may take some minutes. Please be patient… or go grab a coffee!

Compiling catkin_ws…
Starting correction…
services_quiz pkg found (mark: 1.0)
services_quiz pkg correctly compiled (mark: 3.5)
move_bb8_in_square_custom service found (mark: 6.0)

I’m on my third coffee :stuck_out_tongue: (40 mins), is it normal ?


Associating result to your account…

Sorry, something went wrong. Contact our support for more information.

Correction finished with errors from our side…

Hi @YoussefElKamili,

I apologize for this error. No, it doesn’t take this long :grimacing:.

Now I see a process that was supposed to perform the correction died unexpectedly.

Could you please try again?