Services quiz: clarification on square size and repetitions

So, for repetition=1 , bb8 has to move small square twice and double size square once???

Area = Repetitionsx2x(side)^2 + Repetitionx(2xSide)^2 .

Kindly help as I have 1 chance left…

No. Please read the instructions again and combine with this one:

  • Create a new service client that calls the service /move_bb8_in_square_custom, and makes BB-8 move in a small square twice and in a bigger square once. It will be called The launch that starts it will be called call_bb8_move_in_square_custom_service_server.launch.

Basically, you have to call the service twice from the client with values such as:

  1. side = 4, repetitions = 1 # bigger square
  2. side = 2, repetitions = 2 # smaller square.