Separate Tabs for Workbook, Terminal, IDE and Simulation

Is there any way to open workbook/instruction book, terminal, IDE and simulations on separate tabs so that I can view them separately as I have dual display option (via two LED displays)? Because all in one tab seem very crowded and opening these in separate tabs would be quiet helpful for simultaneous view on both display monitors. Thank you.



In the Courses that feature is not present, just because its meant to be a very closed, simple experience.

But in the ROSjects, you can totally do that. ROSjects are meant more for development and mimic a more versatile development environment.

@talhawahab1947 @mathiasfassini

I have made this into a feature request (and voted for it!) as I agree that it could be quite helpful as you mentioned.

Please vote for this and we’ll consider moving it forward if it gains popularity.

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Thank you for your kind response. I think this feature would be quiet helpful for courses as well because simultaneously experimenting or referring to code and simulation while studying from workbook/instruction book can become quiet hard. I would be grateful if you could please consider this for courses as well or at least provide an option to open workbook/instruction book on a separate tab. Thank you.

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