Section 2 RVIZ confused

I had to take an extended break from these courses due to work commitments so I may be missing the obvious as I do not use rviz much but this seems vague and not sure what I should be doing. At the very least seems like this should be pointing us to documentation to refresh our memory.

“And the rviz window pops after some seconds. The first time it will not have anything, so add the necessary elements and save you Rviz config file in the rviz_config folder with name launch_part.rviz. Then, compile again and relaunch. You should see the RViz open with your saved configuration.”

The window pops up but nothing I do seems to be getting me to what is shown on the animated gif.

thank you.

It’s hard to get what you are saying without adding some screenshots.

Please let us know:

  • What you are expecting to see (image)
  • What did you do to achieve it (list steps)
  • What are you seeing now (image).

I am expecting to get

I followed the instructions best I could given in the section.

I get

Obviously, setting fixed frame as “map”, does not work. It should be something like base_link.

That was the setting it defaulted to and I do not use rviz enough for it to be obvious to me. I will give your suggestion a try, thank you.

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