Saving a simulation

Instead of creating a world with sdf and robots using urdf, I am able to open a simulation, specify a robot and a world (though limited options are available.

Subsequently, I see many options to insert objects into this simulation.

Can this simulation be saved as a rosject?
Next time, I open the rosject, I would like to be able to create the simulation automatically.

Is this possible?

These are the GAZEBO environmental variables in the system. Does that help to answer this question?

Hello @tnkumar ,

You can save the world file in File->Save World.

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Thanks. That worked.
There is no File-> Open World in the menu.
What is the procedure for opening the world again?

You can run the command:

gazebo <world_file_name>

or alternatively, start your world using a launch file: Gazebo : Tutorial : Using roslaunch

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