RVIZ window missing on AgileX Hunter Launch (Agilex Limo Simulation rosject)

I managed to setup the Limo simulation using a few worlds OK, but when I launched the Agilex Hunter the launch opened 2 windows in RVIZ - one for main screen which was far right of the screen and mostly hidden, and one for the motor control (fwd, back, turn).

When I pressed the button to reset rviz to make it more visible what happened is the motor control window resized but the original rviz window has disappeared.

Is there a sensible way to restore the rviz config so I can see that window again?

Many thanks


I thought a photo might help explain the view - the rviz screen itself is missing, I just see the robot controls

Perhaps Rviz died?

What is the output of rosnode list ?

Thanks - it had launched but has errors and died so rerunning will help me debug.


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