RTAB Slam stuck

Hi Experts,

I have my own robot called Magni and after doing the RTABMap 101 course, I want to use what is inside to make my Magni to do RTAB Slam mapping and navigation as well but I’m stuck…,

This is the link to my rosjects and wonder if you could help please,

My personal robot only has a RPlidar A1, so it does not have kinect but I want to simulate it in your ROSJECT (before I actually implemented for real)…,

in magni_description/urdf/magni.urdf.xacro

under link: Inmoov_base …I added the below:


            <origin rpy="0 0 1.57075" xyz="0.03 -0.14 0.04"/>


                <mesh filename="package://magni_description/meshes/kinect_sensor.stl" scale="0.01 0.01 0.01"/>


            <material name="black"/>



    <joint name="base_link_to_kinect" type="continuous">

        <parent link="base_link"/>

        <child link="kinect"/>

        <origin xyz="-0.0065 0 0.139"/>

        <axis xyz="0 1 0"/>


In , magni_robot > I had added the magni_rtab package and inside the launch > there is the magni_RTABSLAM_Mapping.launch file.

(so to launch up it is: roslaunch magni_rtab magni_RTABSLAM_Mapping.launch)

inside this launch file > I’m loading the turtlebot’s coffee mod world into gazebo, also starting my magni robot and also rtabmap node for mapping…,

It loads up however, it keeps mentioning that the devices are not connected, and the camera link topics are lacking , compare to what Turtlebot has…,


This warning keeps popping up:

In the Robot Ignite Academy, I’m already provided with a working system, so in my personal system, I’m really lost in how to implement “Kinect + Odometry + Fake 2D Laser”, as mentioned in the course

I think I’m lacking the kinect and Fake 2D laser initializtion in my simulation …so that’s why RTAB mapping has failed to proceed…,

Can you please advise on what I’m missing in my rtab launch file or URDF…?

would be much appreciated, I’m really struggling to place what I learnt here on RTAB into my real robot.

I look forward to your reply, thank you

any replies please? as I’m still stuck on this issue,

Hello @wai.mak ,

For the messages and images you posted, it looks like you are not adding the Kinect sensor to your robot properly. What I would recommend is that you search for information on how to do this. You have access to many resources on how to do this with a simple Google search.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide more support for personal projects. It’s just not possible because we don’t have the time.

@albertoezquerro , well WHATS THE POINT THEN? if I learn your stuff and not able to apply it to my projects, it means it’s useless!!! WITHOUT NO HELP

Hello @wai.mak ,

Anything you learn in our courses can be applied to your own projects. However, we cannot provide detailed support (consultancy) to each student’s personal projects because it’s not feasible.

Our main goal is to provide a high-quality academy where you can learn and get a knowledge foundation. We are a small team so we put all our resources and efforts into this.

From this point, once the student starts working on his own personal projects, all we can do is provide our advice and guidance (that’s what I did in my previous post). But we cannot enter into the project details because that would basically consume all our time.

Hi @wai.mak,

At least for the camera, there are instructions in the link below on how to setup the camera for ROS on the Magni robot:

And related to RTAB-Map, we use the repository below in the course:

git clone -b kinetic https://bitbucket.org/theconstructcore/turtlebot/

You can also change the -b kinetic if you are using a ROS Distro other than Kinetic.

In the repository, you will find a folder called turtlebot_rtab that I’m sure will be of great help.

The launch file we use in the course is:

roslaunch turtlebot_rtab main.launch --screen

By checking the launch file we use as well as the URDF files in the repository, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

If you also try to search for odom you will certainly find something there:

cd repository_cloned
grep odom . -rni

Please let us know if you are still struggling after investigating the repository I mentioned here.