Rqt_plot and rqt_graph error

Hi, I’m doing Unit 8: How to debug ROS programs. While trying to do exercise 9.2 and typing the following in the rqt_plot:

I get the following output in the WebShell:

No plot shows up, and when doing the next exercise with rqt_graph I get the similar output in WebShell but no output in rqt_graph.
I’ve followed the instructions very carefully when doing these exercises but it still doesn’t work properly.

Thank you in advance for help!

Hi, thank you for bringing this to our attention, we are currently working on this fix.

We have already created a fix for this issue.
In the next system update it will be fixed.

As a workaround if you dont want to wait, you can edit this file:

sudo vim /opt/ros/noetic/lib/python3/dist-packages/rqt_plot/rosplot.py

line 201
Change >>>>slot_num = string.atoi(rest[:rest.find(’]’)])
To>>>>>>>>>slot_num = int(rest[:rest.find(’]’)])

You will have to make this change eahc time you want to use the rqt_plot in a new simulation I’m affraid.

This is a known issue of ROS binay that we just detected and we had to install by source with this fix ;).
Thanks for reporting the bug