Rosrun command not working and my robot wont stop moving even after control +C and control +Z

Hi, I have created the new file Since rosrun did not work for me I tried python which worked, but now I am unable to get my robot to stop. Why didn’t rosrun move_bb8_pkg work? It is also not stopping the robot when I click ctrl C or Z. It is overriding it. You can see when I attempt to press control C. I even deleted the test_process, but to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Hi @celenemeraz,

when you have a process running in the background (after using bg), CTRL+C will not kill the process. CTRL+C only stops processes running in the foreground.

To stop a process running in the background you have to use the command below, in the same terminal where the command is executed in background:

kill %%


Thank you very much for that! I will practice this before I develop a real robot! haha Thanks again!

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