Roslaunch turtlebot_gazebo main.launch not working

I have downloaded the turtlebot simulation and am trying to simulate it on my computer.
But the following error occurred.
What did I do wrong?
Downloads from git clone Bitbucket

It will be really hard to know what is wrong in your own computer. That is why our platform is so useful, you don’t have to worry about extra installation steps because everything is ready for you to use.

It looks like xacro is not installed in your computer? Try following the ROS installation instructions from here: ROS/Installation - ROS Wiki

You can also check if the URDF you are trying to load into robot_description is working by going to the directory where it is and using

rosrun xacro xacro [file]

I installed noetic following the instructions.
And as a result of running rosrun xacro xacro file, it came out as follows.

ah, that means ROS is not finding turtlebot_description. You have to source and compile your catkin_ws, which is where the package is located.

you mean catkin_make? I did catkin_make and it was 100% complete.

No, I mean catkin_ws, which is the workspace you are trying to compile in your screenshots with catkin_make. Do you have turtlebot_description in that workspace? You need it there and that is what the error is telling you.

You can probably find how to set it up locally in this manual