Roslaunch error

I cannot run the example commands in the course. For instance when I run:

user:~$ roslaunch husky_navigation amcl_demo.launch

I get the following error:

RLException: [amcl_demo.launch] is neither a launch file in package [husky_navigation] nor is [husky_navigation] a launch file name
The traceback for the exception was written to the log file

Hello @RAUSGR03 ,

The problem is with your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH environment variable. For some reason, you have this variable misconfigured. The proper value for this variable is the following:

In order to properly configure it, you have to run the below command:

export ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=/home/user/catkin_ws/src:/home/simulations/public_sim_ws/src/:/opt/ros/noetic/share

With this, the command will work. Have you been modifying this variable? Or have you touched anything in the bashrc files?

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Thank you very much it works now!