ROSCON 2021- is it worth?

Hi i’m Benja another fellow robotics enthusiast.
I know this is a bit of an off-topic but i think its worth asking here.

I came across the RosConvention 2021 ROSCon 2021
And was wondering if anyone here has previoulsy gone to one, and if it was worth it.
and if you are going which workshops are the most interesting to assist.


Well it depends on what you are looking for in a conference. In general I would say that its worth it just because you share space with the best Robotics developers out there.

If you have to assist to something during the year I would say that ROSCON and ROSDevDay are the best ones that you can’t miss if you are into ROS developement.

Hi Benja,
in my opinion, ROSCON is definitely worth it because of one main reason: you will be in touch with other ROS Developers and generate a ton of ideas from conversations with them. It is difficult to meet such amount of people that are interested about the same subject, and share with them opinions and ideas. This has tremendous value.

About the talks, well those are very cool, but you can always watch the videos later at faster speed.
The level of the speeches is usually very high.

About the workshops, well it depends on who delivers the workshop. I think that this is the weakest part of the conference. For me a workshop is something very practical, where you go to learn to do something new, not just to know about some things. Most workshops are just focused on a description of ideas (a guy talking), which is nice, but which leave you almost empty after the workshop is finished. If you are lucky and go to a practical workshop in which you practice and do something, then is definitely worth it. Otherwise, you can just watch the video later at faster speed.

In any case, ROSCON is definitely something you must check if you are in the ROS world, either attending to it or by watching the videos later. You should not miss it.

Hey there Ricardo and duckfrost,
Sorry for taking so long (traveling these days is an adventure)
Speak no more I’m going!
I feel bad for not assisting to the RosDevDay…
nevertheless I’ll travel to ROSCON just to talk to the people.

In relation to the courses I concur with you Ricardo I never learn anything from hearing people talk about it .Only signed to the course where you need to bring your laptop and will be practical. (it’s about Mobile Manipulation with MoveIt 2)

Its crazy how much ROS has grown since the first time I heard about it in college, still anxious to get to work in the field coming from a purely software field.
I feel many of the companies target PhD students or mecatronic engineers,not CS people.

I’m very curious for the ROS agrobot group but there page is currently “under construcción.”
Hope I can dissipate some of these questions in The ROSconvention 2021.
If some other “Constructionist” is planing to go please let me know.
The more the MERRIER!
I will try to bring footage of any eye-catching bots or proyects to share with the Construccionist community.

Cheers !