Rosbots package

soo i ws going through the rosbots package and saw the script, but its empty, i can code in pyhton but im not very good at it :expressionless:, so if anyone can tell what the does eventhough its empty it would help a ton. I did notice that it was imported into the script but i couldnt figure out what the script does. thank you in advance :slight_smile:


In which unit are you experiencing that issue?

hi @duckfrost , it isnt an issue but there is a python script in rosbots package which i downloaded from github, in that package there is a python script with the name , that scripts has just class defined it , here is a screenshot

so what does it do ? it has been imported inside of script.

Probably is just an old file there. It doenst do anything

okay, thank you for the reply.