ROS2 Robot "Registry"?

Is there a registry or similar for ROS2 which can support robots registering their presence and getting a namespace? This would seem to be a logical progression from setting each robot up with a different namespace, the difference being the nth jetbot or pibot would tell the registry something about itself and get an auto generated namespace in return.

It would also make sense to me some form of keep alive, either the registry would check that namespace has a topic still publishing or the robot could just send a token to the registry.

It could also make a big difference in mapping, e.g. robotx registers and starts outputting it’s sensor details and it’s local map which could be merged / converged.

Is there such a thing?

The namespace is given by you. If you dont, all the nodes will have just their names, and also the tfs and so on.

Normally the presence of a robot in the system is detected by either checking vital topics and systems that they start or they publish into a specific topic defined by you that indicates that the robot is operational.

I don’t know if you were asking this or something else?

Yes, that will work and thanks. I was wondering if there was any package for doing this rather than reinventing the wheel.

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