ROS2 Navigation Project - Localization

Hey there,

I am having an error in the project called " ROS2 Navigation Real Robot Project" . After I got error, I copied and pasted an example code but there is still an error. I believe it is regarding of map file. Therefore I created second map (yaml file) by using first project(mapping). The error is:

Could you help me out ?

Hi @oguzkahraman16, welcome to the community!

I do not understand what you mean by

Did you simply copy/paste a map? I do not recommend this as it is prone to errors.
Did you create a map of the environment? It seems like the file second_map.yaml either doesn’t exist or is corrupted and can’t be opened. Try creating another map, saving it with the map_saver_cli and using that one for the localization. Make sure you compile and source after every modification you make in your launch file.