Ros2 in 5 days python rosject, no laser topic

Part 1 tells me to I have to subscribe to the laser topic, but there is no topic named laser or any related to lasers. The only topics are /parameter_events and /rosout.

Hello @BenevolentCyborg ,

If you don’t see the topics, it’s very likely something went wrong on the simulation starting.
If this happen, the best way to proceed is to use the “restart” button over the simulation window. It will relaunch the robot program

Is it still happening to you?
Please, let us know


It is still happening. When start the ros1_bridge, a bunch of services are created, but only one topic, /rosout

Hi, are you trying to run the bridge with the simulation? Can you see the robot in gazebo? Is this with the real robot? I will take a look in the rosject

I have the exact same issue, is there a solution?

The topics are shown on demand, by default. Please have a look at this answer here: