ROS2 Basics in 5 Days (Python), Actions

In part number 5 “Understanding ROS2 Actions” section 5.4 " Create your own action interface" the first thing to do is to create an Action.
From part 5 it was not clear to my how to create an Action but some digging around helped me to solve this issue.
when performing the command “colcon build” I get an error (see attachment).
I follow the instruction, it is very straight forward with CMakeLists.txt and package.xml (simple copy-paste as far as my understanding goes), but compiling step keeps failing.

Please advise how to continue.

Thank you

Hello @TAURD ,

The error seems to be related to the client_pkg (which I think is not related to the Actions unit). If you remove the client_pkg package (you can download it previously if you don’t want to lose it), does the compilation still fail?

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