ROS2 Autocompletion error on local PC

Hello everyone, I’m currently learning ROS2, so I installed Foxy on my pc, but when I try to use TAB to autocomplete commands, like if I type

ros2 run turtles [TAB]

It should autocomplete to

ros2 run turtlesim

But instead it does nothing. Is it a problem with my installation or is it just a problem with the distro.
PD: I followed the instructions from the official ROS2 Foxy Installation page

Hey Diego!

Perhaps you need to source the package locations? Is it working for other packages? Depending on your installation, you should run commands similar to the following on that shell:

source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash
source /path/to/your/packages_with_custom_simulations_ws/install/setup.bash

Since this is working here and we are using Foxy, it is not the distro.

I have source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash in my .bashrc file, and the turtlesim pkg should be sourced every time I open a new shell, but the autocompletion doesn’t work