[ROS Projects] - Making Aibo robot walk with ROS

I am trying to start this example, however I don’t see it as an option when I login.

Hi Robert,

This is a video, not a course. Our courses are not based on videos; they are based on “active learning”, where you follow a set of notebooks and practise live with simulated robots. You’ll see this when you launch any of the courses.

We have many such videos on our YouTube channel, and the idea is that you try to implement them, either on your own PC or on the ROS Development Studio. If you check the video description on YouTube, you might find a link to the rosject related to the video.

You might also want to explore our Live Classes, which are a type of video we also have on our YouTube channel but are also available on the app.

By the way, welcome to the Community!

Here you have the repository so you can download it and play with it:

Thanks u1802520, I will take a look.

bayodesegun, Did you review the Part1 & 2 videos that point to “The Construct” not to mention the companion channel with lots of videos.