ROS Navigation Real Robot Project Video Download/Share

Will I be able to share or download a video of the Navigation Real Project of Turtlebot3 that I perform in the Real Robot Lab? I am applying for jobs and it will be very good if I can share a video of this on my Linkedin profile.

I would suggest an alternative of a screen recording in case you want to do things quickly!

Hi @rutweek.joshi ,

Unfortunately we don’t have such feature nowadays, but we’ll consider it for the next improvements in the platform.

You can use a screenrecorder in the meantime
I can recommend Xbox tools for windows, if you are using Unix based, the SimpleScreenRecorder is very lightweight and works great

Thank you for the suggestion


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Another option is to present your project on YouTube! This would be perfect for your portfolio. If you check the rosject, you’ll see the instructions in case you want to present it. I really recommend this because it will add to your learning so much more. You can message me if you have any doubts about it.

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Thank You very much for your suggestions. I will use the alternatives. @roalgoal I do have certain questions regarding the presentation and also some other questions. I will message you. Thank You all of you.