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Hello ROS people,

I just completed the ROS Navigation in 5 Days course, and I am wondering where is the best resource to learn more about the algorithmic details underlying some of the navigation stack? I understand that it employs the SLAM methodology, but I do not think I understand enough what is going on. Further, I would like to continue to develop my understanding of navigation, and I was wondering what you guys might think would be a good choice for the next project to work on? I would like to try to improve the performance of the current robots navigation build so I can begin working in more complex environments.


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Hi @mykullrizzo,

I recommend you start taking a look at ROS 2 navigation, we’ve been focusing on it and have an advanced version, where we talk about the inner workings of nav2, which is gaining popularity:

If you want to look into the algorithms behind something like AMCL, then maybe you can check out the different algorithms or how they work? I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for.

I am unfamiliar with how open source works. Is there a github repository that specifically has the implemented algorithms for ROS/ROS2? I need to study more about ROS and algorithms like AMCL generally, but it would be helpful to read the code that implements them as well. I have done some searching and there does appear to be repositories out there for people to look through, however, I don’t think I’ve specifically found the repository that contains the algorithms implemented for the navigation stack.

Here is the repository for nav2’s amcl. Maybe this is what you are looking for?

Yes that’s it. I appreciate your responses.

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