ROS navigation in 5 days (Lost my working files!)

Hi TheConstruct,

I went into unit 5 today of ROS navigation and guess what in the IDE…, I lost all my files that I was working on in Catkin/src …, Please restore ASAP, …, as I want to continue…, very frustrating this one.


Hi Roger,

Your files have been restored. I apologize for this glitch.


what do you mean its restored? I dont see my folders packages there, I had alot of folders under catkin_ws/src , the maps there you see I had to redo today …,

Please restore ASAP


my working files for ROS Navigation are not restored still… :frowning_face:

I restored them yesterday. I have done it again now.

The next time you open the course, please wait until the course fully loads before you navigate away or close the browser window.

I see that you opened the course, then returned to the Home page and opened the course again, all within a minute, sometime yesterday. This caused the preparation of your files to abort and left your workspace empty.

ok I see them now thanks

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