ROS Navigation Exam: Map resets in a bad way causing grader to not complete

I am having issues with the map in the exam for ROS Navigation. The map resets in a weird way causing the robot to not form a path properly. Here is what the map looks like if its refreshed.

This means that the grader gets stuck when the robot is trying to move between two points as the robot can’t form a path to the point.

You can see it in the background in this image.

Can you please help me with this issue. Thanks.

I understand I need to create a new topic for this but is it possible for the timeout module to be stopped while the grader is running so that I don’t get kicked out. If I start the grader and start work on other things I often come back and see that I am kicked out but the grader hasn’t finished and I now have a 0. Can this be resolved. Thanks in advance.

I am having the same exact problem. The map changes as soon as the it starts correcting the quiz, and it doesn’t go pass through step 3. Need some help regarding this issue.

Thanks in Advance

Working on it. I’ll update the post as soon as it is fixed.

I’ve just fixed the world to avoid this issue. Now the world should stay correct even after resetting it.

Thank you. It looks like the reset is working. I will run the grader and let you know how it goes.