ROS Manipulation in 5 Day doubt

Hello, while creating the movit pakage we named the controller by doing rostopic list | grep arm. We looked at the arm topic and according to that edited the name of controller and the type of controller. However , I was creating a moveit pakage on my local machine by just downloading urdf from github. In this case how can I choose a specific controller ?

The controller modifications are for moving a real/simulated robot. If you only work with a URDF file you can use the demo.launch file which uses fake controllers.

Hello, Thank you for your response. I would like to know is there any course available that can teach me to use urdf to make a moveit package and then design controller for that so that I can control the real robot. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello @Ankit_Kumar ,

No, we don’t have such a course currently. But we are planning on adding some courses related to real robots and how to set them up with ROS.

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