ROS C++ Services Quiz GradeBot Error

I have tried thrice, when i run it manually it is working but Gradebot giving me an error


    <node pkg="services_quiz" type="bb8_move_custom_service_client" name="service_move_bb8_in_square_custom_client"  output="screen">


    <node pkg="services_quiz" type="bb8_move_custom_service_server" name="service_move_bb8_in_square_server"  output="screen">

@bayodesegun as I did not view the solution can you please increase attempts, I am getting out of attempts.

@girishkumar.kannan sir

@roalgoal can you please see this error…

@bayodesegun as I did not view the solution can you please increase the attempts, I am out of my attempts, I almost wasted my 5 attempts for this error, but it is working when I launch manually but the grade bot is showing me an error.

Are you sure you are completing both squares - the big and the small - correctly? Our logs show that your service client exited in less than 30 seconds, which might not be enough time to complete all the movements.

Please check this. I have added 2 more trials for you.

Yes, I understood. Idk why Gradebot is pointing to the naming error, the actual error is inside the logic of forming the squares, I edited my code and now everything is working fine and my submission is successful.
Thank you sir for the response.

You are right, we should mention not completing the squares as one of the reasons why the program could exit early. I have included it.

That said, this can also happen if the launch file names are wrong (in which case a call to the service would fail and exit early), or if the service server launch file automatically launches the client launch file.

Thank you sir for including it.

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