ROS Beginners Exam

Hello Sir, Please help me regarding ‘ROS Beginners Exam’. I am facing certain issues. The problems are:

  1. I have created a custom srv message. It has two responses, a bool, and a string. When I am returning the response, it gives an error 'Invalid number of arguments, args should be args are (success = True, distance = “the distance calculated”
  2. My action server doesn’t return the result. It gives an error 'rostopic pub /record_pose_as/goal path_exam/RecordOdomActionGoal ERROR: invalid message type: path_exam/RecordOdomActionGoal. If this is a valid message type, perhaps you need to type ‘rosmake path_exam’ '.

I will appreciate your help. I am getting a score of 6.5 and I am stuck due to these two errors.

Hi @rutweek.joshi,

As this is an exam, you should solve the problems on your own.

The exams ask you the same thing you have covered in previous exercises while going through the courses on the path, so please go over the material again and figure out where the error is coming from.

Thank You very much, Sir. I genuinely want to thank you. :vulcan_salute: I completed the exam and got 10 marks. At that point, I didn’t know whether it was an error in my program or due to an error in the terminals. I figured it out, I had done some silly mistakes in my program and also it was needed for me to ‘source’ in each terminal. When you replied, I knew that it was a problem from my end. I was able to get my concepts clear once again due to this.

I have two more problems:
1) I have got 10 marks, however, the certificate still shows that I have got 92.8999%. I will be getting 100% after getting 10 marks on the exam, right? Will it be updated later? Or is there some problem from my end?
2) My name is ‘Rutvik Joshi’ and I want this name on the certificate. However, as my name on my email account was ‘Joshi Rutvik Mahendra 866’ when I subscribed, it is the name appearing on my certificate. Please change it to ‘Rutvik Joshi’ on the certificate and if possible on my profile as well.

Thank You.

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You’re welcome! I’m glad you were able to figure it out.

Now to your questions:

  1. Your grade for the path, 97.89% is a very good one - congrats! For this grade, we consider your scores in the Quizzes in all the courses on the path, not just your score in the exam. You can see the breakdown of your grade by clicking the View Scores button on the middle-right corner of the learning path page..

  2. You can change your name on the profile settings page. Then let me know and I’ll reset your certificate.

  1. Sir, I request you to please add 2 trials in ‘ROS in 5 Days’ Action Quiz unit 8’. I scored 7.5 on that quiz and was not presented with an error. Now, I found out that it affected my ROS Beginners Path score. When I tried to correct it, there was some issue with the internet and I was not shown how many trials were remaining. When the internet started working properly the trials were exhausted. Please add two more trials.
  2. I have changed the name and I will let you know as soon as I have corrected the quiz so that you can generate the certificate.

I’m sorry but I have to decline this request. 100% vs 97% isn’t such a big deal, and the grade is not shown on your certificate anyways. What’s important is that you have mastery of the topics covered and have demonstrated this by passing the exam.

By the way, I’ve already reset your certificate.

I can understand sir. When the error occurred, my quiz grade has been reset to 0. You can check for yourself. Now the revised Percentage is 91.7%. This is why I made the request.

Thank You for resetting the certificate.

I see. I have restored your previous score of 7.5.

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Thank You Very Much, Sir.